Creating Momentum

Recently I was talking with my pal, Ann, bemoaning how long it was taking to complete a book of poetry I’m working on. I had several poems I was pleased with, and a few more that weren’t falling into place.  I felt disheartened and stuck. Ann looked me straight in the eye and told me to focus on writing three new poems a week.


“Just barrel through,” she advised.  “Perfect them later.”  I thought she’d gone off the deep end–but I always listen to her advice, which she follows herself.  Proof positive: her amazing book, Free Ferry, was just published by Under Hand Press. So I  barrel
on.  And with four new poems-in-progress, it seems to be working. Just want to pass this along to anyone feeling a little downhearted. Just keep writing!


I’ve Got Your Back

I’ve learned that no matter what form our artistic expression takes, friends are a vital part of our creative growth. They listen, encourage, and sometimes send us back to the drawing board. True friends are not afraid to suggest what we may need–even if it’s not always what we want to hear. They keep us honest.  And that’s a gift we should treasure, honor, and reciprocate in kind.

I’m excited to have my poem, “The Transformation,” along with a mini-interview, appear in the January 15 issue of The Phoenix Soul.  My close friends inspired the poem, so I’m grateful for their continued friendship.