Readying for Poetry Month


Sorry, T.S. Eliot, but April is far from the “cruellest month!” It’s when nature feeds her rivers with melting snows and sets tree buds a-blossom. It’s the month we shed bulky winter coats, and the month we celebrate poetry—which is, by no means, dead. Poetry is everywhere in April…on buses and subways, on restaurant menus, at readings, at library workshops, and in email in-boxes. It’s nearly impossible to get through the month without at least one or two poems singing in your head, and at best several new poetry collections on your night table.

Here’s my suggested reading list. It’s a delightful and varied assortment of recent books by poets you should get to know, published by small independent presses:

1. Free Ferry by Ann Cefola (Upper Hand Press, 2017)
2. West: Poems of a Place by Jim LaVilla-Havelin (Wings Press, 2017)
3. No Such Thing As Distance by Karen Paul Holmes (Terrapin Books, 2018)
4. Take to the Highway: Arabesques for Travelers by Bryce Milligan (West End Press, 2016)
5. the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2017)

In April and every month, let poetry take you to an unknown world!


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