On the Power of Our Voice

One simplistic definition of poetry could be something made from nothing. As in all art forms, the maker must undertake an uncertain journey that can hurl them between peaks of confidence and valleys of self-doubt. Makers must have the courage of their conviction and a strong belief in the power of their voices. This week, as I completed a manuscript that I hope has something important to say, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about voice from the young students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., who are making change out of chaos. They are America’s hope and have names that reflect its rich diversity: Kasky, Hogg, Gonzalez, Wind and many others. They are unafraid to be outraged, unafraid  to raise their voices.  I am inspired, 910BAD9D-D91C-4961-97F4-511168859CF5salute them, and thank them for this exceptional example of the power of voice.